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Glass Pony’s latest clip is a trippy waltz through the park

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glass Pony has an album coming up, but no date has been set for its release yet. Nonetheless, the four musicians of the psychedelic groove circus captured scenes in Greg Pittz’s hometown of Delmar and produced a lyrical and trippy video for the group’s latest track, “Daydream”.

The video captures the four people walking through the woods, climbing vines smothered trees and blissfully enjoying a carefree summer afternoon.

“We shot the video last year with Erik Flora, who plays for local indie band Stellar Young,” Pittz said. “It was filmed at Delmar near North Street and at the Wright Lane Bike Park.”

Pittz said the bike park was once land that had been owned by his family for generations before it was recently sold to the city.

“It was cool to shoot that in the woods I played in when I was a kid. They had tons of magic back then and still have that vibe today, ”he said.

Cool photographic tricks with the camera focus complete the daydreaming feel of the song. The video was shot, produced and edited by Flora. Eddie Hotaling designed and mixed the audio production. The music was mastered by Ravena native Raelynn Janice from Infrasonic Mastering in Nashville.

Glass Pony is currently touring the north of the country with stops in Plattsburgh and Burlington along the way. All four players are scheduled to play at Parish Public House in Albany on Saturday, October 23.

“All is well” bad mothers

Bad Mothers has released the first video for their long-awaited debut album from Shooter Jennings’ Black Country Rock label. Those who pay attention will recognize the track from the band’s appearance at the Palace Theater earlier this year through the March Madness-inspired tournament of Nippertown and The Spot 518. The video offers no frills or whistles, just the four doing what they do musically best in a dark studio with both dramatic and strobe lighting. Sometimes you see group members sharing time behind two metal masks in the shape of a skull and a wolf. In two days, it grabbed attention with over 18,000 views as of Sunday, October 10.

Hasty page, ‘Thread’

Hasty Page has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. The band is a product made up two-thirds of the College of Saint Rose and one-third of the Berklee College of Music. A talented trio destined to go far, and already have.

The group’s latest single “Wire” has been released this summer and has received airtime on local radio. Up beat with Josh Morris back on the mic – he most recently played drums with Dark Honey and Girl Blue, among others. The video is a touching montage of clips through the years, capturing the band from their high school days in Queensbury to rock crowds at The Hollow, Jupiter Hall and more. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see on graduation day.

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