Nissin creates a new Cup Noodles combination and we’ve tried them all (mixing them ourselves)

We got a sneak peek at the new Super Combination Cup noodles!

Nissin Foods may be one of Japan’s biggest companies, but it hasn’t lost its fun spirit. This is evident in their “Super Combination Series” Cup Noodles, where two different flavors are combined to provide an all-new Cup Noodle. Last year’s flavors, which were the first line in the series, got a lot of attention on social media, not least because they were really good, albeit unorthodox. They were:

Siupoodle (Sio [Salt broth] and Shoyu [Soy sauce broth] Cup of noodles)…

Cherry (Seafood and Curry Cup Noodle)…

Cheechili Curmato (Curry with cheese and noodles with chilli and tomato)…

…and Tonso (Tonkotsu Noodles and Miso Cup).

These flavor combinations have been selected after intense taste testing of 28 different combinations of Cup Noodle’s eight base flavors. This got us wondering… would this year’s selection be a downgrade to last year’s? In the end, it certainly did not disappoint. Well, we guessed not. As they are not yet for sale, we ended up buying separate cups of the different flavors and combining them ourselves to match the range to comebut still, it must be said: there are beautiful flavors in this mixture!

The first was the Seapoodle, made by combining Seafood Noodle and Cup Noodle Shoyu.

This one wasn’t particularly exciting. It didn’t taste particularly good, but it didn’t taste particularly bad either.

Both Cup Noodles have lighter soups, so it’s safe to say that combining them both provided a well-rounded broth. But on the other hand, it didn’t bring anything new to the table. If you were to do a blind taste test, you probably wouldn’t even know it was a new flavor.

Then comes the Cheecursoa combination of curry cheese and miso.

On first bite it tasted like a nice mild curry and didn’t really pack a lot of punch.

But the more we ate, the more delicious it was. The combination really brought out the deep, rich flavor of the miso! This one stood out the most for us. The combination was so good that we plan to combine them regularly.

The third was the Chilitomkungmade with chili tomato and Tom Yum Kung Cup noodles.

Hey, we would eat that, but it doesn’t look delicious.

The Tom Yum Kung soup really dominated the flavor, almost extinguishing what’s good about the Chili Tomato broth. It wasn’t bad, but unfortunately it left it at the bottom of our ranking.

And finally was Karabonea mix of Karamen, Spicy Cup Noodles and Ninniku Tonkotsu, or Garlic Pork Bone Broth.

The soup from this Cup Noodle had an interesting sweet and spicy flavor.

We felt it was a bit like a not very spicy brand of Korean instant noodles. Of course, mixing garlic and chilies will still be delicious, so this has a lot of appeal.

In conclusion, based on our rudimentary combination of the specified Cup Noodle flavors, we would rank the Cheecurso as the best, followed by Karabone, then Seapoodle, which was neither good nor bad. Unfortunately the Chilitomkung ended up being a bit disappointing.

▼ The four new flavors of Super Combined Cup noodles will go on sale on September 12

However! It could be that Nissin put more into the design of each of its new “Super Combination Series” than just combining the two original soups. Maybe they took into account the overpowering nature of the Tom Yum Kung broth and added more chili tomato to compensate. There is still hope for Chilitomkung!

We’ll just have to try them when they come out. And then we’ll have to ask ourselves… can we make the ultimate ramen combo using their “instant ramen boosters”? There are endless possibilities for flavor growth here!

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