No one is listening to your bad sound. This in-depth audio production training can help you

TLDR: The 2021 Premium Audio Production Pack explores the equipment, tools and tips for capturing perfect voice recordings in many of the most popular free and paid audio apps.

Here’s a little treat for all budding podcasters and podcasters: invest in knowing how to record great sound. While great sound certainly does wonders for the professionalism of a recording, it even plays a surprisingly important role in making listeners even take the whole project seriously.

A USC study found that subjects were asked to rate two versions of the same speech on YouTube, one with crystal clear sound and the other with poor sound quality. there was a marked difference. The researchers found that viewers of the hard-to-hear video rated the speech worse, the speaker less intelligent and likeable, and even the search itself was less important.

Audio matters – and with training in The 2021 Premium Audio Production Pack ($ 29.99, over 90% off, from TNW Deals), students get a comprehensive look at the tools professionals use to present absolutely perfect sound for a YouTube video, podcast, voiceover work, or even multitrack music production.

This collection is a common thread of recording knowledge, five courses covering the full spectrum of audio capture, from the most popular applications to engineering tricks that can give a recording the rich and comprehensive presentation that the job demands.

Students start with Audio recording 101: voice audio recording for video production and Audacity Essentials for Voice Over: Record, Edit, and Process Audio, a pair of courses based on the use of Audacity, an absolutely free audio editing platform. This training explains how to equip yourself with the right microphone, record high quality vocal sound at home, and then edit and process that video, whether it is part of a digital video or film, a podcast or even professional voiceovers for advertising, audiobooks, etc. .

the Audio production course: record and mix audio better advances this training, addressing specific tactics for tackling difficult audio setups, from using windshields and audio interfaces to full explanations of some of the most important audio manipulation effects like gain, noise gate, de-essing, equalizer, compression, limiting and more.

For Adobe fans, the Audio mixing and voice processing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC The course covers audio mixing and production requirements that are often overlooked when using one of the web’s most popular and powerful video editing applications.

Finally, there is even training in the Music Production in Logic Pro X: Audio Mixing for Podcasts Course on using Logic Pro X, Apple’s professional-grade audio editing software.

The 2021 premium audio production bundle courses are worth $ 1,000, but with the current deal everything is available for approximately $ 6 per class at $ 29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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