Ozinga unveils pink and white striped cement mixer to fight breast cancer

To show her support for breast cancer awareness and advocate for those affected by the disease, Ozinga painted one of her cement mixers pink and white.

The idea to transform one of the ready-made trucks came from Alivia Ozinga, who is the daughter of Justin Ozinga, the current president of Ozinga. Alivia wrote a letter to the company’s Vice President of Fleet asking if it would be possible to paint a truck pink as a way to support families affected by breast cancer.

“I just wanted to raise awareness,” Alivia Ozinga said. “Too many people have to go through this and it’s very difficult for them, so raising awareness would be really helpful.”

The pink ready-to-go truck, which is a 2015 Kenworth W900B, runs on compressed natural gas and was given the truck number 0001 in recognition that one in eight people are diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The purpose of our business is to have a positive impact on individuals, their families and the community for generations,” said Justin Ozinga. “Our trucks are easily recognizable and having one painted with pink and white stripes is a small way to raise awareness of such a devastating disease, especially one that is close to our family. My grandmother died of breast cancer. breast and the mother of co-owner Jeff Ozinga also died.

Ozinga’s traditional red and white striped cement mixers can be found in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and southern Florida. This pink mixer truck will hit the streets of Chicago this month.

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