Partnership leads to advancements in concrete mixing technology: CEG

(Photo Cemen Tech)

(Photo Cemen Tech)

Cemen Tech has signed Aring Equipment Company Inc. (Aring) as the exclusive distributor of Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixers in the state of Wisconsin. Aring has traditionally focused its inventory of paving products on asphalt equipment. Now, in partnership with Cemen Tech, the company is expanding its offering to include concrete mixing technology to better serve builders and contractors in the Midwest.

“We are delighted to be welcomed into the Cemen Tech family. Cemen Tech offers a revolutionary product that will fit perfectly into the Aring product portfolio that we have to offer to our customers and eventually open new doors for our business. Cemen Tech is a leader in the volumetric industry and has a large workforce willing to help keep this product on top, ”said John Gilbertson, Managing Director of Aring. “With 85 years of experience in the equipment industry, Aring is excited to help its contractors become more efficient in the construction industry.

Volumetric concrete mixers are known for their ability to increase the efficiency of concrete production and reduce waste by allowing concrete to be mixed at the job site for the exact amount needed every time. As today’s construction projects become more specialized and the demand from contractors to be more agile increases, Aring and Cemen Tech know there is a growing need for precision technology in concrete equipment like the C60. .

“We partner with companies that value quality and customer service as much as we do with Cemen Tech,” said Connor Deering, CEO and President of Cemen Tech. “Aring Equipment Company is exactly that. They have a long standing reputation in Wisconsin. And I am confident that with our combined drive to provide the best customer service, contractors in their area will be able to do so. more and grow with confidence. Their business. “

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