Prediction record against NFC West in 2022

While the NFC West isn’t quite the gauntlet it was a year ago, the 49ers will still face stiff competition within their own division in 2022.

AFC West has become the toughest division in the league in 2022. It is no longer NFC West.

For the San Francisco 49ers, that’s not exactly a bad thing.

Of course, the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams are still there within the division, and while they may not have gotten much stronger, they will always be a major force to play with. will have to be counted. The Arizona Cardinals, meanwhile, have always given head coach Kyle Shanahan’s team a fiery blow.

And we won’t go into the Niners’ record against the Seattle Seahawks from 2012, even though the Hawks are entering a whole new era following the trade of quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

For those relatively new to the world of the NFL, San Francisco will face each division rival twice during the regular season. A year ago, the 49ers went 2-4 in NFC West, the only two wins against those Rams before a painful playoff loss in the NFC Championship Game.

However, that overall record isn’t exactly a recipe for success, meaning Shanahan and Co. will need to show some sort of improvement if they are to move up from last year’s third division spot.

So, as yet another preview to bolster Niner Noise’s previous game-by-game predictions (albeit with a different “predictor” now at the helm…me), let’s try again to see how the Niners fare against their NFC West enemies in 2022.

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