Presentations, announcements of new shows kick off the initial IAB 2021 podcast

The big players make their arguments to advertisers

The IAB PODCAST UPFRONT launched three days of online presentations by leading MARDI (5/11) podcast producers and networks, with Day One including NPR, CUMULUS PODCAST NETWORK, SXM MEDIA from SIRIUSXM, CNN, and many more.

Opening with IAB CEO DAVID COHEN citing statistics showing rapid growth and increasing diversity in listening to podcasts and host SUCHIN PAK (“ADD TO CART”) chatting with host “BAD THE MONEY “GABY DUNN presentations for advertisers included new show announcements as well as promotion of existing shows.

NPR’s presentation by NATIONAL PUBLIC MEDIA Pres./CEO GINA GARRUBBO, SVP / Programming and Audience Development ANYA GRUNDMANN, and Sr. Dir./Programming YOLANDA SANGWENI did not offer any new podcast announcements, featuring various shows and hosts existing, including discussions with “CONSIDER THIS” host AUDIE CONRNISH, “SHORT WAVE” reporter EMILY KWONG, “PLANET MONEY INDICATOR” co-host STACEY VANEK SMITH, “UP FIRST” co-host LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO, and the new co-hosts “INVISIBILIA” YOWEI SHAW and KIA MIAKKA NATISSE.

SLATE Pres./CRO CHARLIE KAMMERER, on the other hand, announced several new offerings, including “A WORD WITH JASON JOHNSON,” a weekly race discussion with MSNBC host; “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT” (“ICYMI”), hosted by RACHELLE HAMPTON and MADISON MALONE KIRCHER and covering underreported stories; two new seasons of “SLOW BURN”, including one (already in progress) on the preparation for the IRAQ WAR organized by NOREEN MALONE and another with JOEL ANDERSON on the RODNEY KING affair; and “ONE YEAR”, a show that deepens each season in a particular year.

SUZANNE GRIMES and KELLI HURLEY hosted the CUMULUS PODCAST NETWORK presentation, which opened with listeners explaining what listening to podcasts meant to them during the pandemic (“it screams an emotional connection,” GRIMES said) and has promoted recent previously announced partnerships like those with DCP ENTERTAINMENT, RICH EISEN, “BROWN AMBITION”, “BAD WITH MONEY”, “KURT ANGLE”, GIVE them LALA … WITH RANDALL, “IMPERATIVE ENTERTAINMENT”, “MON MONDE” WITH JEFF JARRETT “, and a new show from THE DAILY WIRE,” DEBUNKED WITH BEN SHAPIRO. “

SIRIUSXM has brought some celebrity power to its STITCHER and PANDORA segment, with KEVIN HART presenting the presentation and SETH ROGEN discussing his new podcast. SVP LIZZIE WIDHELM promoted the previously announced training of the SXM MEDIA sales division and CRO SARAH VAN MOSEL interviewed SHANKAR VEDANTAM of “HIDDEN BRAIN” on the effect of audio advertising on listeners, “PERIODIC TALKS” animates GILLIAN JACOBS and DIONA REASONOVER, and ROGEN, whose podcast adventure was announced earlier today.

“TODAY, EXPLAINED” SEAN RAMESARAM VOX MEDIA PODCAST NETWORK interviewed his former producer NOAM HASSENFELD about the recently launched science podcast “INEXPLAINABLE”, “PIVOT” animates KARA SWISHER and SCOTT GALLOWAY about their plans to make their show a multi -operative platform including live events and the transfer by GALLOWAY of its “THE PROF G SHOW” from WESTWOOD ONE PODCAST NETWORK to VOX, BEN & JERRY’S US Integrated Marketing Mgr. JAY TANDAN and supervising producer of VOX, Branded Audio ANNU SUBRAMANIAN on the VOX branded content initiative creating the podcast “WHO WE ARE”, and HANNA ROSIN, the former co-host of “INVISIBILIA” who recently joined VOX NEW YORK MAGAZINE as dir. Editorial / audio and who viewed “TRUE STORY” magazine’s new investigative podcast, coming later this year. Former US attorney turned podcast host and author PREET BHARARA also appeared to discuss VOX’s acquisition of its CAFE STUDIOS.

In a presentation of the recent acquisition of LIBSYN ADVERTISECAST, VP / Business Development DAVE HANLEY and LIBSYN Community Mgr. ELSIE ESCOBAR highlighted the value of an open ecosystem for podcasting, providing a more democratic distribution platform than the “walled garden” approach taken by some other companies. HANLEY challenged ad buyers’ perception that buying ads on a range of independent podcasts is more difficult or problematic than buying ads on a large network, while ESCOBAR highlighted independent shows that reach a wide audience. audiences, such as “PHIL IN THE BLANKS,” coming on a new season, and HANLEY has offered another independent success story, the OPTIMAL LIVING DAILY Podcast Network. The creators of the podcast “THE FALL LINE” and “WOMAN EVOLVE” also made appearances to discuss their shows and how they relate to their audiences, and ventriloquist / comedian JEFF DUNHAM’s new podcast was previewed in a segment.

The 2021 slate from WNYC STUDIOS, presented by “UNITED STATES OF ANXIETY” host KAI WRIGHT in the company’s initial presentation, included “RADIOLAB” and “DOLLY PARTON’S AMERICA” JAD ABUMRAD and the co-creator of “DOLLY PARTON’S AMERICA “SHIMA OLIAEE explaining their new podcast” BLACK SWAN “, the story of BLACK SWAN RECORDS; “RADIOLAB” Producer SIMON ADLER on his ode to the cassette, “MIXTAPE” ‘; KALALEA talks about “BLINDSPOT: TULSA BURNING”, a look at the 1921 TULSA race massacre; and JULIA LONGORIA discussing the genesis of “THE EXPERIMENT”, the podcast on the roots of the American system produced in partnership with THE ATLANTIC.

CNN SVP / Digital Productions COURTNEY COUPE previewed a second season of “SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION” with DON LEMON and an expansion of “5 THINGS”, as well as statistics guru HARRY ENTEN and new podcasts from Chief International Correspondent CLARISSA WARD, a podcast on PRINCESS DIANA Meetings with Other Celebrities, “WHEN DIANA MET”, and a “top secret project” with ANDERSON COOPER to be announced in the fall.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO LAist STUDIOS was represented by Exec. Producer ANTONIA CEREIJIDO, who interviewed “YES NO, I AM NOT OK”, host DIANE GUERRERO on diversity in podcasting and her show’s focus on mental health. Following LAist, ANDY LIPSET, CEO of SPOKENLAYER, used his brief presentation to highlight how his company is working with short form audio and the value of short podcasts on platforms like smart speakers. . VP / Brand Partnerships JON SALM promoted sponsors and tags on the short form podcasts, while Dir./Creative Content MIA BLOOMFIELD and Dir./Audio Production SOPHIA LANMAN explained the company’s “branded microcasts” that adapt the concept of branded content to a shorter content duration.

KAST MEDIA closed the day’s agenda with a comedic video showing the station’s podcast hosts trying to record while being annoyed and interrupting the noise of the network’s new studios being built (SARAH SILVERMAN complaining that “this would never make it to WONDERY “). The network also premiered new shows from RABIA CHAUDRY (“NIGHTY NIGHT: BEDTIME STORIES TO KEEP YOU AWAKE”, an anthology of scary stories); JEREMY PIVEN (“HOW U LIVIN”, a celebrity interview show); DOMINIC MONAGHAN and BILLY BOYD “THE FRIENDSHIP ONION”; the previously announced “MARKED WITH DONNY DEUTSCH”; and “METAPHYSICAL MILKSHAKE” by RAINN WILSON and REZA ASLAN, previously with LUMINARY.

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