Record your voice with the Blue Snowball iCE USB mic on sale for $ 34


The Blue Snowball iCE was first introduced to be a much more affordable and budget version of the expensive Blue Yeti. Even from the start, it only cost $ 50, so any deal was a huge savings. Right now, you can get it for just $ 34.42 at Walmart. We haven’t seen it go below $ 40 in years, even at Amazon where it is currently $ 50. That’s a great price on one of Blue’s best microphones.

Talk about savings

Micro USB plug-and-play Snowball iCE blue white

This is a budget-friendly condenser microphone that can still deliver crystal-clear sound for any type of video conference like Zoom, Skype or FaceTIme. Plug-and-play access means you can use it on PC or Mac without any drivers or software to install.

$ 34.42 $ 50.00 $ 16 off

Besides the price, the mic itself is just extremely affordable. Most anyone can use it, and you don’t need a lot of audio experience to do so. For example, the mic is USB 2.0 compatible, so it will work even on an older computer without the newer generations of USB. Of course, if you only have USB 3.0, that will also work thanks to the backward compatibility of the technology.

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It’s also a plug-and-play device, which means you can just plug it into a USB port and record your voice. You won’t have to install any additional third-party software or drivers or anything like that. It will work. This has the added benefit of making the Snowball iCE compatible with multiple platforms including PC or Mac.

The condenser microphone gives you crystal-clear sound. It uses a cardioid pickup pattern which is great for picking up your voice without picking up sounds coming from behind the mic (like your keyboard). Whether you’re recording your voice, streaming a podcast, or just need the mic for a video conference like a Zoom or FaceTime call, the Snowball iCE is a great solution. Add narration to your videos or sing that new song you wrote. It is also certified to work with other programs like Skype and Discord.

It comes with the tripod you see so you can position the mic perfectly on your desk. Relocate the microphone in relation to the sound you are recording.

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