Riot Games’ Valorant In-Game Voice Chat Will Be Recorded Soon – Here’s Why

Riot Games Plans by Valorant in-game voice chat will be recorded starting next month as part of its voice rating system.

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Valorant from Riot Games

The free multiplayer game from Riot Games, Valorant, became a phenomenal success, gathering millions of players.

Riot Games’ multiplayer officially released on June 2, 2020, but it’s already boasting a player count, which competitively rivals other giant franchises like Call of Duty.

Valorant in-game voice chat

The premier shooter multiplayer title is in critical need of an in-game voice chat feature to allow its players to strategize with their teammates to bring the bacon home.

But like most multiplayer games these days, Valorant isn’t immune to unwanted behavior from its players using voice chat.

In fact, according to a report from Dexerto, multiplayer titles, as much as they are interactively fun, are also plagued with a heavy dose of disruptive and toxic behavior from their gaming community.

But Riot Games is now trying to address the toxicity issue that plagues its multiplayer offering, Valorant.

Riot Games plans to record Valorant voice chat

Acclaimed game publisher reveals plans to introduce new voice rating system to combat disruptive behavior prevalent in Valorant.

Riot Games' Valorant In-Game Voice Chat Will Be Recorded Soon - Here's Why

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While the whole problem of toxicity in multiplayer games is a gigantic problem, Riot Games still wants to do its best to at least tame it.

The gaming firm now wants to be more aggressive by making its integrated voice chat a more user-friendly space for Valorant players.

Its new system involves recording in-game conversations in hopes of weeding out abusive people, according to a recent report by Riot plans to listen to voice chat logs to quell disruptive behavior in multiplayer gameplay.

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Riot Games against Valorant’s disruptive behavior

Voice chat recording is set to begin on July 13 in North America.

However, the registration would not yet be used to remove an abusive player from Valorant, at least for the time being.

So, what is it for ? Riot explains that this should help improve the overall rating system for now.

Dexerto notes in its report that the game’s publisher has confirmed that the recording will initially be used to test the effectiveness of its new voice chat system.

But later this year, Riot plans to roll out a new reporting system, which already includes logging, in the beta of Valorant.

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