Ryan Tubridy Says He’ll Be ‘Cancelled’ For Mixing Actor And Actress

Ryan Tubridy joked about the cancellation during his interview with Minnie Driver on Thursday.

Ryan interviewed Good Will Hunting actor Minnie on Thursday’s episode of his radio show, and talked about the distinction of calling Minnie an actor rather than an actress – something she said that she didn’t mind being called.

“You’re talking about actresses, as they used to be called,” Ryan said, before Minnie chimed in and said, “I don’t mind if you call me an actress – you can call me Bob if you wish it!”

Ryan Tubridy joked about the cancellation during his interview with Minnie Driver on Thursday. Photo: Jenny Goodall/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock (2654069a)

Ryan then joked that if he called Minnie an actress instead of an actor, he might get “cancelled”, saying “I might get canceled for calling you an actress”. Minnie then explained that labels such as actor and actress are “rubbish” and talked about the “narrowing” of language.

“I’m incredibly sorry for the narrowing of the language,” Minnie said. “What has become the big picture is what has suddenly become more important is what we say and who we are, regardless of gender.

“I just think all the labels are garbage and we kind of need to reconnect with our humanity a little bit more,” Minnie continued. “I think there’s this backlash and there’s a need for reform, and like most things there’s an overcorrection. I hope we return to a place where there is more measurement and consideration and more love, and less cancellation and bitterness.

minnie driver
Ryan was interviewing actor Minnie Driver, who was talking about acting and acting labels. Photo: Lionel Hahn/Getty

The insight comes as Ryan made another misstep on Wednesday’s episode of his radio show, where he spoke about the end of the working relationship between Dublin Pride and RTÉ following several controversial episodes of Liveline considered transphobic.

Ryan accidentally said that instead of Dublin Pride cutting ties with the broadcaster, they were “cutting their losses”, before immediately correcting his mistake.

“I’m also disappointed that the Pride organization has cut its losses – cut its ties, I should say, excuse me, from RTE at this time,” Ryan said.

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan recently spoke about the end of RTÉ’s working relationship with Dublin Pride, saying he hopes Dublin Pride’s move is temporary. Photo: Andrés Poveda

Ryan then defended the Liveline debates and said he hoped the relationship between Dublin Pride and RTÉ would be restored at some point.

“I hope it’s a temporary decision. I don’t think the good people who work for the wonderful organization Pride, which it is – well, I don’t think I can think of an organization more committed to what it does than RTÉ,’ Ryan said .

‘It’s the truth. Over the years, it would be my observation, few organizations have gone without support, generally speaking, for the LGBTQ+ community.

“And Liveline is a program that engages in strong debate and I think the world needs strong debate and sometimes in the course of strong debate you may not like what you hear. “

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