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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Salvadoran woman was fatally struck by a cement mixer while riding her scooter in Tainan on Friday, May 7, and some question the lack of local media coverage until Monday, May 10.

At around 6 p.m. on Friday night, Laura Beatriz Garcia Cordova, 26, who had obtained her bachelor’s and MBA from Ming Chuan University, was driving in the right lane on Fuqing Road in Yongkang district of Tainan when a concrete mixer in the left lane suddenly veered to the right. In video footage of the incident, the driver appears to be signaling at the same time he is turning right, but before passing Garcia he entered his lane and crashed into it.

Garcia was knocked off her scooter and the rear tires of the huge truck rolled over her, continuing forward until the driver appeared to have finally applied the brakes. She suffered a severe head trauma and after being rushed to a nearby hospital, was pronounced dead by doctors.

The truck driver applies the brakes after crushing Garcia. (Screenshot from Tainan Police Department)

However, the accident was not reported by Taiwanese media and police did not release footage of the incident, prompting netizens on the popular PTT online forum to speculate that the truck company had. paid the police to prevent media coverage. The Yongkang Ward of the Tainan Police Department on Monday denied that there was a cover-up and said that as the case is under investigation, it is not open to the public and no one outside. Garcia’s family are only allowed to view or copy relevant video evidence, UDN reported on Monday.

Yongkang District said the case was being investigated according to regulations and footage had been obtained to clarify the circumstances of the incident. Since no family member of the deceased is in Taiwan, the police notified her boyfriend, while the company that employs him has sent personnel to help with the investigation.

In the case of media reports, the precinct claimed that it could only release a certain amount of information and could not release personal information or speculate on the process or motives. He added that the relevant evidence for the whole case will be kept and submitted to the Tainan District Prosecutor’s Office.

Salvadoran woman killed by cement mixer on Tainan Street
Position of Garcia’s scooter after the accident. (Screenshot from Tainan Police Department)

What police have revealed so far is that the driver of the truck is a 41-year-old man surnamed Cheng (é„­). A breathalyzer test administered at the scene of the accident resulted in a blood alcohol level of zero.

Police said that since Taiwan and El Salvador do not have diplomatic relations, they contacted the family of the deceased through El Salvador’s ambassador to South Korea.

Members of his family hope his remains can be returned to their country intact. Police said once cleared, they will do their best to help the family with the process of repatriating their remains.

Garcia’s friends in Taiwan created an official GoGetFunding page raise funds to cover repatriation costs and enable her family to organize a Christian burial for her.


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