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Title of the book: “All the yellow bouquets”

Plot Summary: It is 1919. The Great War is over and the small town of Fredericksburg is still reeling from the last flu epidemic of 1918. Free Spirit Lou, an aspiring journalist from a well-off family, responds to an ad for an apartment above a local sewing store. There she meets Holden Thompson, who has just returned from the Western Front. As she becomes more integrated into her circle of family and friends, Lou quickly learns that despite her charisma, beauty, and wit, Holden is tormented by the past. Unforeseen circumstances divide the tight-knit group as they are transported to the Roaring Twenties, bound by tragedy and woven together by a thread of fate.

Publisher: Chariklo Press

Release Date: April 21, 2021

Genre: Historical fiction, romance and magical realism

Who should read my book? Fans of historical fiction and romance, certainly, as well as anyone interested in the supernatural. On a larger note, I would say this is a heartwarming story for anyone who has lost a loved one.

You can buy my book: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Riverby Books, Agora Downtown, and Carter Hair Design are a few local places that offer it as well.

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