SSL Launches Big SiX SuperAnalogue USB Mixer: Next-Level Hybrid Console Is Designed For Desktop Producers Who Want To Go Further

SSL introduced a more robust version of its Six compact console called – and rightly so – Big SiX.

This increases the stakes by offering a 16-channel mixer and mixes the functionality of classic full-scale SSL consoles with more contemporary niceties such as USB integration, additional processing, and advanced routing options.

According to SSL, this makes Big SiX “the ultimate tool for artists and musicians working in a hybrid recording and mixing environment.”

The story begins with four mono channels featuring SSL’s SuperAnalogue mic preamps. These offer Mic / Line / Hi-Z inputs, a high pass filter, SSL Channel Dynamics, an updated three-band EQ, and a fully balanced insert point.

There are also four stereo inputs with dual mono switching, and the Big SiX can serve as a 16-channel 24-bit / 96kHz USB audio interface.

You can choose from three types of compressors, one of which is an “Essential” version of the classic G-Comp SSL bus compressor, which now has the well-known auto-release option.

Check out the full feature list below. Big SiX SSL is now available for $ 2,999 / £ 1,999 / € 2,499, and you can read more about the SSL website.

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SSL Big Six

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SSL Big Six

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SSL Big Six

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