Stack City will bring ‘rave legends’ to Enniskillen next week

A local DJ will bring 90s rave music back to Enniskillen next week.

The event – ​​taking place next Friday, June 10 at Crowes Nest – will bring ‘rave legends’ to Enniskillen, including headliners Scott Brown, DJ Xray and DJ Sci.

Tom Muldoon, who founded his own events brand (“Stack City”), works as a DJ, producer and promoter in Liverpool and has organized successful Rave events in Liverpool.

From now on, a number of Fermanagh DJs will play the evening’s backing with Tom, including Shayne Magerr, James McCrea, Darren Davis and Paul Somers.


Tom explained his journey to organizing his own events and returning to his home country.

Tom Muldoon, Stack City

He said: “I came from Enniskillen to Liverpool in 2019 to study audio production as I had been producing music for a few years before.

“I graduated in September 2021 and had my first pub gig the day I finished college and a week later had my first Rave gig.”

The start of the year was a turning point for Tom, who said: “I got two DJ residencies in January and quit my desk job in February to pursue my brand of events, ‘Stack City ‘, funded by my six DJ gigs every weekend, and planned my first Rave.

A second event has taken place and in explaining it, Tom gives some insight into what Enniskillen Ravers could expect.

“It was in a small underground cellar with a capacity of 150 people. I set up a state of the art production and had a huge lighting setup with one person controlling the lights to the beat of the music all night long.

“It was a large-scale Rave or concert lighting setup, but in a small room that was amazing – not everyone could believe the lights.”

Regarding his local event next Friday night, Tom said, “This will be the first Stack City Rave on home soil. I have Rave legends Scott Brown, DJ XRay and DJ Sci playing for me at Crowes nightclub.

Tom continued: “It’s a huge night for me – Scott Brown is one of my favorite artists of all time, and I’ve wanted to see him play for years. I can’t believe he’s the one. headlining my Rave!”

He continued: “XRay was a legend in the 90s and regularly featured on Kelly’s, Portrush and he had a standout show in Mirage in Enniskillen in 1995.”

There was a huge reaction, Tom explained: “Early bird tickets and general release tickets sold out within hours of their announcement, and a final version is on sale now, with a limited availability.

“This show will appeal not only to people my age, but also to older people who frequented Raves in the 1990s.”

Tickets are available on the website,, and the event can be found at

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