SuperTed voice Derek Griffiths reveals he got drunk in pub before recordings

SuperTed’s voice revealed he was often “thirsty” when recording the classic 1980s cartoon.

Derek Griffiths said he and the voice over cast all went to the pub for a meal before starting work that afternoon.

“The day started with a visit to the pub for lunch and then we went to check in,” he says.

“Well, everyone was drunk the moment we walked in – and that was the most hysterical recording.”

Speaking to Best of British magazine, Derek added, “They actually filmed an episode being recorded – and they couldn’t use any of it, because it was so disgusting. These drunken actors were all rolling on the floor.

A new series of SuperTed will return to TV screens in 2023

Originally running on the BBC from 1983 to 1986, SuperTed faced off against villainous Texas Pete (Victor Spinetti), an evil cowboy, the cowardly Skeleton (Melvyn Hayes) and the stupid Bulk (Roy Kinnear).

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Roy passed away in 1998 and Victor in 2012. Additionally, Jon Pertwee, who voiced SuperTed’s sidekick, Spotty, passed away in 1996. The Teddy Bear – fueled by Spotty’s cosmic dust and Spotty’s special powers. Mother Nature – was teleported to 128 different countries and voiced in 32 different languages.

A new SuperTed series will be back on TV screens by 2023, but Derek, 75, who also starred in Corrie, isn’t worried about working on the revamped series.

“I can’t play an ingenious teddy bear that’s in its seventies,” Derek says.

“I was pushing my luck then.”

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