The best hand mixer on Amazon

When all you need is a little help mixing, hand mixers are a lightweight, portable alternative to a bulky and expensive stand mixer. Home cooks and professionals alike turn to this kitchen tool when a mixing task simply doesn’t need the power of a stand mixer.

What to know before buying a hand mixer on Amazon

The handle of your mixture should be comfortable and easy to hold. If you have large hands, they shouldn’t feel cramped or stuck in the blender. On the other hand, if your hands are small, they should not be swallowed by the blender or slipping too much. Look for something that works for you.

A standard mixer can be heavy because you don’t need to hold it, but weight matters when it comes to a hand mixer. Some older models are made entirely of metal and are very heavy.

You don’t want something too light to be trivial, however. Again, look for that happy medium that’s heavy enough to get the job done, but not so heavy that your hand mixer is exhausting to hold.

The knobs on your hand mixer should be easy to use, but not so easy that you accidentally turn it on or increase speed when you don’t want it. Most hand mixers have knobs that protrude just below the handle, but some have knobs or dials. Whatever you choose is largely a matter of preference.

Hand blender on Amazon features

The standard accessory for the hand mixer is a cord mixer. It works well for most tasks that a hand mixer would tackle.

Some blenders also include a wire whisk, which is great for light, fluffy egg whites and whipped cream.

Mixers can have 5 to 16 speed settings. Most cooks only need or really use about nine of these settings. There’s no need to pay extra for settings you won’t be using.

In addition to standard speeds, some hand mixers come with variable speed control or “pulse” adjustment. This allows you to add a short burst of speed to your mix.

Keep in mind that this boost uses a lot of power. Use it for only 20 seconds at a time to avoid burning the engine.

A stability indentation is a simple notch under the motor housing. This allows you to rest the hand mixer on the edge of the bowl without worrying about it falling.

Hand blender on Amazon cost

Hand mixers are one of the most affordable upgrades you can make to your kitchen. Low-end compact models can cost as little as $ 10. Branded hand blenders with more features can cost over $ 100.

Can a hand mixer mix hard dough, like cookies or bread?

A. It depends on the power. Low power mixers may have trouble mixing stiff chocolate chip cookie dough, and they don’t have enough power to mix bread dough. If you plan on making hard dough frequently, it’s best to invest in a more powerful blender.

Even with a high powered blender, start by incorporating the dry ingredients first by hand, then switch to a hand blender to finish the job.

How to clean a hand mixer?

A. The beaters on your hand mixer are likely dishwasher safe, but check your owner’s manual to be sure. If so, rinse off the leftover food and throw it in your dishwasher’s cutlery basket. You can also hand wash them if you prefer.

Regularly wipe down the body of your hand mixer to remove any spattered food from the bowl. For safety reasons, remember to unplug the blender before you start wiping.

How long will a hand mixer last?

A. Most hand mixers come with a 1 year warranty. If your blender fails during this time, the company will provide a free replacement.

In general, however, your hand mixer should last three to four years with regular use. Extend its life by following the care and maintenance instructions in the hand mixer operator’s manual.

Which hand mixer on Amazon should I buy?

The best of the best hand mixer on Amazon

Black + Decker Helix Performance 5-speed blender: available on Amazon

Our opinion : The profiled accessories of this high-end mixer allow for better mixing.

What we like: This model has an industrial look for a modern take on mixing. The beaters are made of reinforced nylon and have a large surface area for efficient performance. The mixer has a Turbo Boost setting for more efficient beating.

What we don’t like: Some users disliked plastic whisks and worried about their mixing strength.

The best value for your hand mixer at Amazon

Dash Smart Store compact hand mixer: available at Amazon

Our opinion : When you’re short on space (and money), this blender is a great choice.

What we like: This model has a 150 watt motor and three speed settings in a compact package. The beaters are made of high quality stainless steel and allow you to whip the cream and beat the eggs in a short time.

What we don’t like: Due to its low power, it is best for light use.

Honorable Mention Hand Mixer on Amazon

Braun electric hand mixer: available on Amazon

Our opinion : Experienced cooks will love this powerful workhorse.

What we like: This mixer has 350 watts of power and a variety of accessories. The VarioControl speed dial allows cooks to increase or decrease the speed according to their needs. This model also comes with a 2 cup chopper.

What we don’t like: Some users have found the blender difficult to hold. Others found it to be less potent than expected.

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