The Duke and Duchess of Sussex launch into banking – with a very Harry and Meghan twist

“They are deeply committed to helping address the defining issues of our time – such as climate, gender equality, health, racial justice, human rights and strengthening democracy – and understand that these issues are intrinsically interconnected. So much so, in fact, that they became investors in Ethic earlier this year and also have investments managed by Ethic.

They go on to explain that through this partnership, Ethic and the Duke and Duchess will pursue a “common vision for a world in which all investment is a sustainable investment”, reaching “several million people around the world”. They end by stressing that the partnership is “an incredible opportunity to inspire more people to align their individual values ​​with their actions”, before cordially signing as “Doug, Jay and Johny”.

Ethic’s three co-founders, Australians Johny Mair and Doug Scott and Briton Jay Lipman, started their joint venture in 2015, when they began to think about how they could leverage their complementary skills – spanning finance. , institutional investment, engineering and design – for maximum social impact ”as stated in the“ About Us ”section of their website.

The New York-based fintech asset manager has adopted a distinctly 21st-century corporate culture, ranging from opening meetings to encouraging colleagues to “thank someone who helped them that week.” , including pets in their staff directory. The “Team” section of the Ethic website, containing wacky video clips from colleagues around the world, also lists three dogs: Redhead (described as “Safety”); Gigi (“Safety in training”); and Byron (‘Chief Smile Officer’).

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