The Hammond trial full of sexual assault allegations

During Adam Matthew Hammond’s trial on charges of child sexual assault, animal cruelty and reprisal, the jury heard allegations from a host of other sexual assaults.

The jury of seven men and five women found Hammond guilty on September 24 and handed down the maximum sentence for three crimes on Tuesday in 78th District Court. He is required to register as a sex offender as part of his sentence.

“The jury heard evidence that instead of deterring his predatory behavior while in prison awaiting trial, the accused actually became more sexually aggressive,” said the criminal chief of the prosecutor’s office of the Wichita County Dobie Kosub in a statement.

“They heard evidence of at least one other sexual assault and I think that act helped them very quickly make the maximum sentence available to them,” Kosub said.

He said the jury, like so many recent juries in the county, spoke decisively about the community’s clear contempt for those who even think of child abuse.

Kosub said he was grateful for the consideration and attention of jurors during the lengthy trial.

Hammond, 21, was still being held in the Wichita County Jail on Friday, according to prison records online.

He was sentenced Tuesday before Judge Meredith Kennedy to 20 years in prison for attempted aggravated child sexual assault, 10 years for animal cruelty and 10 years for retaliation, all committed on March 27, 2018, at a Wichita home. Falls.

The sentences are executed simultaneously, according to court records. Hammond received credit for 1,282 days in jail.

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He was convicted of attempting to sexually assault an 8 month old baby, retaliating against the baby’s mother and kicking one of the puppies in a litter belonging to a pit bull named Cupcake.

Defendant Adam Hammond, right, leaves the 89th District Court on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, after a day of trial.  Wichita County Sheriff's Deputy and Hammond's defense attorney Dustin Nimz are behind him.

The events unfolded during a chaotic morning described at the booth by Kristen Mae Kidwell-Oates of Wichita Falls, the baby’s mother and Hammond’s ex-girlfriend.

She told jurors she heard the sound of oral sex and turned to see Hammond assault their son.

Hammond later put his hand to her throat and threatened her, and at one point heard the puppy scream when he kicked her before leaving their home with their son, Kidwell testified -Oates.

In Hammond’s version of events, he stopped Kidwell-Oates’ father from inappropriately touching her and then got into an argument with his girlfriend, who didn’t want him to tell anyone, Hammond said for its own defense.

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He told her to leave, and she did, following through on alleged threats to falsely accuse him, Hammond testified.

Before that, the puppy accidentally got under their feet and they both hurt each other, he told jurors.

Hammond also denied retaliating against Kidwell-Oates and testified about his struggles with suicidal thoughts.

Court-appointed defense attorney Dustin Nimz faced the obstacles of the defendant’s blunt confession to police in interviews and his mother in a taped phone call in prison. Hammond retracted that confession.

With no DNA linking it to a sexual assault on the baby, Kosub told jurors the lack was a red herring.

He noted that no DNA from the baby was found in samples taken after the child was cleaned of a diaper of poop either.

Hammond has been charged with aggravated sexual assault on a child, carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison.

But jurors decided to find him guilty of the less serious offense of attempted aggravated sexual assault on a child, removing his life sentence.

At the stand, Hammond told jurors he “trusted the wrong person” and was raped at age 13 by his uncle’s friend after giving him drugs.

It also emerged during the punishment phase of the trial that Hammond alleged he was sexually assaulted in Wichita County Jail and McLennan County Jail in Waco.

Lawyers are discussing a few issues before opening statements begin on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, in the trial of Adam Matthew Hammond, 21, of Wichita Falls.  Hammond is second from the left, seated at the table.

However, accusations that he himself had committed a sexual assault also surfaced during the sentencing phase.

Court-appointed defense attorney Scott Stillson has requested probation for Hammond, noting that probation is punishment.

“There are a bunch of places you can’t go. There are a bunch of people you can’t talk to,” Stillson told the jury.

In addition, Hammond would be required to participate in sex offender treatment as part of his probation, Stillson told jurors.

In his final statement, the defense attorney broadcast an excerpt from Hammond’s interview with a Wichita Falls police officer.

“I don’t heal the mind. I’m a police officer,” retired officer Sammy Motsenbocker said in the video.

“But in my experience, counseling helps people,” Motsenbocker told Hammond in the video. “I really believe that if Adam gets advice, I think Adam can be helped.”

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