The “ideal partner for multichannel audio production”

In response to the rapid growth of the immersive audio market and the growth of the Dolby Atmos format in films, television, games and music production, a Finnish speaker manufacturer brought to the market an amplifier designed specifically for the needs of multi-channel workflows.

By combining the latest advanced Class D technology and a proprietary in-house designed buffer stage, Amphion‘s Amp 400.8 delivers up to 410W of power on up to 8 identical channels.

“We are naturally very interested in Atmos and we have deepened our knowledge there,” says Anssi Hyvonen, CEO of Amphion. “It has the potential to be something very interesting for the end customer, but only if it’s done right. We firmly believe that the only way to use the massive and often upgradeable DSP processing power of the latest immersive monitor controllers is to keep the chain of custody as seamless as possible. Therefore, it should be free from any additional DSPs or other unnecessary electrical circuits. As the number of channels increases, even the smallest control glitches lead to a lack of cohesion, which is clearly audible through the speakers as well as the headphones.

Amp400.8 is available for $ 4,500 and is shipping now.

For more information on the Amp400.8, please visit:

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