The Oxo mixing bowl helps with preparation and serving

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Each house has a large bowl. It’s the one you’re looking for when you’re baking gooey chocolate chip cookies or a big batch of buttery popcorn on movie night.

The big bowl in our house is the Oxo Good Grips 5 Quart Mixing Bowl. The white bowl has been a sturdy cooking and baking companion for the past few years. I liked its wide spout when making a stack of waffles on a Saturday morning and its non-slip base that keeps it locked to the counter when I mash a few pounds of potatoes for dinner.

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Large mixing bowls can be heavy and bulky, but this plastic bowl is lightweight without being flimsy. Its wide rubber handle is easy to grip, a good wrist guard when pouring a few dozen pancakes onto a hot griddle.

I use the Oxo blender bowl every day. It’s easy to clean – I toss it in my dishwasher after dinner and the white plastic has remained smudge-free even after two years of use – and it’s a solid prep companion. I made mountains of fluffy whipped cream with a hand mixer and two batches of gravy peanut noodles. This is where I stir in the vegetable soup and give the thick tomato sauce a quick boost.

This is my bowl of meatball mix, easily containing two pounds of ground beef and pork, plus a few eggs, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan cheese. I’m not the only one with feelings for this bowl, as an Amazon reviewer said it was “as close to perfect for the task as I could imagine”.

Indeed, the owners of the large bowl tend to accumulate more in their cupboards. As one noted, “The non-slip bottom, easy-grip handle, and convenient pour spout make these the best mixing bowls I’ve ever owned.”

If you’re beating a few eggs for scrambled eggs or making a quick salad dressing, Oxo also makes a 3-quart bowl and a 1.5-quart bowl. All of them fit together perfectly when you want to store them.

The Oxo mixing bowl is the one you will reach for every day. It’s a solid addition to your prep set and can even be used for serving in a snap. Get the Oxo Good Grips 5 Quart Mixing Bowl on Amazon now.

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