Transcription service Otter charges free users to access older recordings

Automated transcription service Otter is making big changes to its offerings for free and paid customers. Most of the time, the company downgrades its features – reducing the number of audio imports users can perform; the length of audio they can transcribe each month, etc., although this gives users free access to new tools.

One of the biggest changes, however, is that free users will no longer be able to access their full catalog of recordings. Instead, they will only have access to the last 25. The rest will be “archived” – meaning they will still exist on Otter’s servers, but users will have to either delete other conversations to access them or pay to upgrade to the plan” pro” from Otter.

This and other changes to the service will go into effect on September 27, so any free users with more than 25 registrations may want to download their back catalog before then. After September 27, free users will still be able to access these recordings (by downloading and then deleting the audio files one by one) but it will be more complicated.

Changes to Otter’s free and paid plans in full.

You can see the full range of changes in the image above, and Otter also has a helpful FAQ on what’s different. The overall result, however, seems to be that the company has been overly generous to users and now needs to push more people onto its paid plan (which: fair enough! They have to make money somehow). ‘another one).

It’s not all bad news, though: Otter is also giving free users new tricks, including access to an auto-join feature for meetings and free AI-generated summaries of recordings. These features were first added to paid users earlier this year, as part of Otter’s plan to position itself not just as a transcription tool, but as an all-purpose work center.

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