Twitter mixes up its anti-spam and content moderation teams after whistleblower accusations

Twitter is facing challenges on several fronts. The company is engaged in a legal battle over the voluntary acquisition of Elon Musk. And earlier this week, whistleblower allegations renewed scrutiny of the platform’s possibly subpar security practices.

Today, the company is making seemingly related internal changes. Twitter is merging its ‘health experience’ and anti-spam ‘service’ content moderation teams into a new combined sector called ‘health products and services’, according to a Tuesday memo seen by Reuters .

The structural change comes amid the ongoing Musk acquisition drama (i.e. Musk’s claim that the social media platform does not accurately monitor and report bot numbers , and that this should release him from his agreement to buy the social media site).

Notably, the team’s merger also directly followed widely publicized claims by a former company executive that Twitter has overall weak security practices and that the platform is knowingly ignoring its bot problem.

In a July 6 letter and in follow-up interviews with CNN and the Washington Post, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko made multiple allegations against Twitter. These include the fact that the company has allowed government agents to infiltrate the platform, that half of all employees have access to sensitive user data, and that Twitter does not, in fact, have any precise figures on the bots.

Musk’s legal team has subpoenaed Zatko to testify about the bot issue in the billionaire’s ongoing court battle.

The company declined to answer questions from Gizmodo about whether this internal reorganization was directly related to Zatko’s claims. However, in an emailed statement, a Twitter spokesperson told Gizmodo the following:

This reorganization reflects our continued commitment to prioritizing and focusing our teams in pursuit of our goals. Stopping bad actors, creating more transparency about how we support a healthy platform, while helping to promote and encourage diverse thoughts and conversations continues to be the foundation of everything we do and how which we organize our teams. We are grateful for the continued leadership and expertise that Ella Irwin, VP of Product, has brought to this work over the past several months to inform this new structure and ensure our teams are ready for success.

According to Reuters, Irwin, who will lead the team, wrote in Tuesday’s email to staff that “we need to focus on specific issues, work together as one team and no longer operate in silos.” She added that the new group will “ruthlessly prioritize” its work and goals.

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