ubank launches a new brand platform in the first work of whiteGREY

ubank has launched a new brand platform through creative agency WPP whiteGREY in the first work created by the agency since being appointed to manage the brand and creative account for the NAB-owned digital bank in following a call for competition at the end of 2021.

The ‘That’s How You Money’ platform highlights the brand’s redefined brand proposition and its promise to help the next generation of Australians become more successful with money. The launch follows the product campaign that went to market in early June on programmatic and select channels above the line (ATL).


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The new campaign features a series of individual money stories and experiences that show what it’s like to get the upper hand with money, with three spots focusing on three different products: saving, spending and home loans.

In a 45-second spot, the protagonist, Sally, is walking through the city streets when she receives a ubank notification on her phone, letting her know that she is close to reaching her savings goal. As she continues on her way home, elated with her achievement, magazine covers, posters and signs reflect her achievement – spreading her face across the city as ‘savior of the year’. Sally returns home to see herself on the news, settling into her living room as she receives another ubank reminder.

Together with ubank’s Bohemia media agency, whiteGREY developed the creative strategy and communication plan for the artwork, including; an evolution of the new brand identity, the development of a new platform, a brand launch campaign (including TV, cinema, OOH, audio, digital and social executions) and a product campaign (including performance – audio, social and digital display).

whiteGREY’s Chief Creative Officer, Chad Mackenzie, said the challenge was to create a brand platform that delivered on ubank’s mission to make Australians more successful with money: “No one don’t want to talk about banking. But they want to talk about money. What could you do with it, and more importantly, how good it is when things start happening. said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie continued, “ubank, quite simply, gives you the upper hand with the money. It’s smarter, faster and provides a better money experience. That’s what our creative platform is for. Make money. Encourage a change in the way Australians think and act with money.

The two-phase campaign kicked off in June with initial programming going live alongside select ATL channels, ahead of the big brand launch on July 17, which carries the new message, look, feel and brand. brand sound through ubank’s biggest ATL investment in more than three years.

Brooke Thompson, chief strategy officer of whiteGREY, said: “The work is for an audience that realizes that money is not meant to be left in an account somewhere and hope for the best. They listen to podcasts. They are exploring different ways to invest. They follow FinToks. They want to engage with money, break some old behaviors, and learn new things.

Sebastian Paulin, Head of Growth at ubank, said: “From the start, we focused on leveraging customer insights to give whiteGREY a strong foundation to develop our new brand platform. We are really excited to see how much the work is already connecting with our audience.

The campaign runs from July to October, with a second phase scheduled for early 2023.


Client: ubank
Philippa Watson – Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Morrison – Director of Product and Growth
Sebastian Paulin – Head of Growth
Nic Lloyd – Director of Growth, Brand Campaigns and Sponsorship
Emily Barnick – Director of Growth, Lending

Creative: whiteGREY
Lee Simpson – CEO
Simon Wassef – Chief Strategy Officer
Brooke Thompson – Chief Strategy Officer
Chad Mackenzie – Creative Director
Ronojoy Ghosh – Creative Director
Tom Spicer – Senior Creator
Jol Temple – Senior Creator
Kevin Reece – Senior Creator
Natalie Robinson – Group Account Director
Charles Todhunter – Account Manager
Enid Sung – Account Manager
Sean Ascroft – Embedded Producer

Production company: Confectionery
Director: Liz Murphy
Executive producer: Edward Pontifex
Producer: Allison Lockwood
Publishing: publishers
Publisher: Mark Burnet
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Cast: Danny Long Cast
Film post-production: publishers
Online: Stu Cadzow
Sound production: Massive Music/Katrina Aquilla
Publisher: Universal/Music Mill/Bruce Tweedie
Music: San Cisco/Big Sync Music/Michael Szumowski
Photography: The Kitchen/Toby Burrows
3D & Retouching: Electric Art

Strategy and Research – Manifesto
Media agency – Bohemia
Public Relations Agency – Sling & Stone

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