Unused drum tracks inspire Darren Callahan’s new instrumental album


Callahan: “I literally just wrote to match what he played and we did the same on that record. Kelly gets co-write credits on all the songs he’s played on because I wouldn’t. not even thought of writing them without him His drum tracks were an essential part.

Morelock: “I was very surprised when Darren said, ‘I have to confess something. I have a new record coming out and that’s stuff you recorded decades ago. ‘ I’m like ‘Great, I can’t wait to hear it.’ I don’t even remember him coming to my basement and recording this thing.

Callahan: “In 2005 Kelly was like, ‘We should do another Travel album like we did the first one.’ I had a free weekend so I went there and recorded all of his drums.

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Morelock: “We never used them for a trip recording.”

Callahan: “I actually started this album with a drum machine, but it didn’t sound good on that material. I remembered I had these unused drum tracks and I knew Kelly would freak out if I caught him with a full album of something we did 15 years ago. It was basically a lark to make Kelly laugh and it turned into a pretty good record.

Artist information: darrencalahan.com.

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