Use your influence to push for consensus candidate, Buhari tells APC caucus

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked the National Advisory Council of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to “actively” promote consensus building among the party’s presidential candidates.

The president met with APC stakeholders and select governors at the State House on Sunday evening.

Speaking at the meeting, Buhari said the ruling party was on course for a third consecutive election victory.

He said the meeting was called to provide leadership and direction during the transition period, adding that the aim was to “strengthen our unity and focus on building our electoral fortunes”.

Buhari said, “I am optimistic that the outcome of this consultation with the National Advisory Council will, in addition to sharpening our focus, strengthen the positive democratic principles, practices and culture that already exist within the party system. .

“During these consultative processes, I have already met separately with progressive governors and all of our prominent members who aspire to become our party’s presidential standard bearer in the 2023 election.

“I am happy to inform you that these meetings have been fruitful and indicative of a party that is preparing and marching towards a third consecutive victory since 2015, in the presidential elections.

“I highlighted the important roles consensus-building and consultation have played in the survival of successful political parties around the world, adding that our party should be no exception.

“Acknowledging the above, I therefore also stressed the need to strengthen our unity, stabilize our internal cohesion and system, as well as present a formidable presidential candidate who has the ability to build a unified nation and the ability to make facing our challenges.

“The party machinery has also screened all of our presidential aspirants and found them to consist of eminent personalities, rich in experience, ability, commitment to service and accomplishment in life. This gives us a lot of confidence, but that also comes with its challenges.

“My charge and my call to all of you is therefore to reach out to your various spheres of influence to actively promote the spirit of consultation and consensus-building so that a formidable candidate for the 2023 presidential elections emerges from the our fellow citizens expect no less of us.

The president said he understood the members of the advisory council had “diverse interests, spheres of influence and expectations”, but added that they also “possess the collective capacity to secure our victory in the 2023 election”.

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