Vernon Kay apologizes after confusing Jimmy Saville and Scottish singer Jimmy Sommerville live on radio

Vernon Kay was left red-faced after making an unfortunate mistake from Jimmy Saville live on BBC Radio 2, mixing him up with Scottish singer Jimmy Sommerville.

The presenter left listeners cringe when he made the embarrassing gaffe while covering Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show on Tuesday, March 22.

Following an interview with Soft Cell lead singer Marc Almond, a fan contacted the show about the incredible impact the artist has had on their lives, reports Manchester Evening News.

Reading the sweet message, Vernon said: “Hello Vernon, I love Marc Almond. Awesome voice and so unique.

“His music got me through some dark days. I saw him at Pride and I think I was the first in Hyde Park to run and wait for him out front. Amazing.”

Vernon then added, “His duet with Jimmy Savile – Jimmy Somerville, apologies – just blew my mind, absolutely brilliant.”

Those in the studio with Vernon, alongside singer Almond on the phone, immediately burst out laughing as Vernon tried to reassure readers, “Well, that’s a clip we never want to hear again, apologies.” Jimmy Somerville, rewind.

Accepting the fate of the blunder, Venron added, “Crikey. I’m never going to live that one, am I? There’s a meme right there. Anyway, let’s fast forward.

Vernon Kay made the unfortunate mistake while covering Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show.

The moment was not lost on listeners, who took to social media to share their second-hand embarrassment for the host.

@salfordsmith61 tweeted: “Preparing to enter a period of mourning…for Vernon Kay.”

@Sporting_Chin tweeted: “Vernon Kay congratulating Marc Almond on his duet with Jimmy Savile is the kind of morning entertainment you need”, while @Bravo1Niner said: “@vernonkay styles it beautifully. Brilliant.”

@WesleyDoyleUK posted: ‘Marc cracked up on the VK slide, didn’t think he was going to stop laughing!’.

@GaryLDN tweeted: “Vernon Kay doing Sterling work for Zoe Ball.”

@tomatoshrimping said, “Vernon Kay, you had a job. Don’t pack your Jimmy’s. Please can he be a regular on Radio 2. I never realized I needed Jimmy Saville level bloopers to get me up in the morning.

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