Washington could experience the hottest day on record in state history by the end of the heat wave


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The Puget Sound area will soon experience a record-breaking heat wave, with temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees by a significant margin.

By Saturday and Sunday, the region will warm to “potentially dangerous levels” for much of western Washington.

The NWS published a Excessive heat warning in effect until Monday afternoon for most of western Washington, the Cascades and most of the Peninsula.

Bellingham Airport on Friday set a new daily record of 86 degrees on Friday, breaking the old record of 84 degrees set in 2017. Port Angeles (airport) tied an all-time record of 94 degrees.

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Historically, Seattle has only experienced triple-digit temperatures in June once, on June 9, 1955, while reaching this mark a few times.

“If you look at Sea-Tac, or SEA now, the record has been officially held there since 1945. We’ve only hit 100 or more twice,” KIRO 7 meteorologist Nick Allard told KIRO Radio’s Gee & Ursula. . “If you go back to before 1945, the federal building was the official observation post. Seattle only hit 100 twice. So if you go back to our long history of measuring temperature, we only hit 100 or more four times. “

Saturday’s highs in the Seattle area are currently in the upper 90s, with a small chance – around 15% – of it going to triple digits. On Sunday, the probability of 100-degree temperatures is much higher at 55%, with highs forecast in the upper 90s / low 100s.

Monday is expected to be the hottest day in the heatwave, with 70% chance that the Sea-Tac airport – where the NWS takes measurements – gets over 100 degrees, and a 40% chance it exceeds 105 degrees. Seattle’s record for the hottest day in history is 103 degrees, while the city has never experienced two consecutive 100-degree days.

Allard pointed out that if we get to 97 on Saturday, that alone sets a record for the hottest June ever. If the current high temperatures on Saturday, Sunday and Monday are all maintained, a new daily record will be set for each day.

“It’s madness, I tell you! he joked.

“If we were to hit 100 two days in a row, that never happened,” Allard added. “If we had to do it three days in a row, it would be on a different level. “

Overnight lows “will offer little or no relief,” warns the NWS, falling from the mid-1960s to the low-1970s for most parts of the interior.

All along the West Coast, this is all part of what the University of Washington Cliff Mass climatologist describes as a “mind-boggling” weather event.

“Frankly, I’m a little shocked looking at the raw forecast from the forecasting model,” he said. in a Thursday blog post.

He cites a model forecast predicting a 108-degree “earthquake” in Seattle on Monday, while the ensemble forecast averages around 104 degrees. Mass also notes that it is “not inconceivable” that parts of eastern Washington could reach or exceed 118 degrees, the highest recorded temperature the state has ever seen.

The sum total is what Mass calls “one of the most incredible weather situations in many decades”.

“Honestly, it’s hard to believe my eyes,” he said in a separate blog post on Wednesday. “This is unprecedented and dangerous meteorological territory.”

The National Weather Service says it will also be very hot in the mountains if your plan was to escape the heat at higher elevations. Indeed, the heat could have major impacts on snow and glaciers.

“Please tread carefully if you leave next week,” the NWS tweeted.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, the NWS says it will likely be about 10 degrees cooler in parts of the state “directly near the water,” especially around the coastal region.


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